Brandon Enriquez

Picture of Brandon Enriquez

Appointed July of 2016

Brandon Enriquez is a senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), majoring in economics and mathematics.

Focusing on the economics of education, Enriquez’s research has explored the effects of scholarships, secondary school assignment mechanisms, student employment on academic performance, and limiting postsecondary remediation at two-year colleges. Over the course of his undergraduate experience, Enriquez has been selected for prestigious internships at Harvard and MIT.

As a student leader, he served as president of the College Democrats student group and also co-led an alternative school break trip that exposed students to issues surrounding Homelessness. He has written for U.S. Democracy, a student-run blog covering economic issues, and his extracurricular activities include working as a piano instructor and tutoring K-12 and undergraduate students.

Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in economics, with a concentration in education and labor.

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