Elkins Professorship Awardees

FY 17

Award to Coppin State University to support the work of Dr. Kavita Hegde, Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Sciences, who will conduct complex ophthalmological research, create community awareness regarding common causes of vision impairment and blindness, and contribute to the ongoing research being conducted to prevent and treat such diseases. ($53,000)

Award to Towson University to support the work of Dr. Wei Yu, Associate Professor of Computer Science, as he addresses critical security issues for modern cyber-physical transportation systems and thoroughly engages students in that work. ($53,000)

Award to the University of Baltimore to continue supporting the work of Dr. Jaya Singhal, Baker Professor of Business Analytics in the Merrick School of Business, who is investigating the impact of innovation on changing levels of trade benefits and pursuing innovations in curricula and pedagogy at the undergraduate and graduate levels. ($38,000)

Award to the University of Maryland to support the work of Dr. Jim Gates, John S. Toll Professor of Physics, as he conducts seminal research in his Center for Particle and String Theory and engages students in that research. ($53,000)