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Data Journal

The Data Journal provides a statistical snapshot of the University System of Maryland (USM), and serves as a source of comparative information over time. In short, it is a historic document portraying concisely and incisively data on admissions, enrollment, financial aid/pricing, retention and graduation, degrees, faculty and staff, and other miscellaneous information about the thirteen institutions within the USM, 11 degree-granting and two research institutes. Please contact Chad Muntz, Director of Institutional Research, for additional information.

2015-2016 Data Journal


Degrees Updated September 2015 PDF Format

Enrollment Posted March 2016 PDF Format

STEM Enrollment and Degrees Posted March 2016 PDF Format

Applications Posted June 2016 PDF Format

Faculty and Staff Posted June 2016 PDF Format

Fiscal Year FTE Posted September 2016 PDF Format


The USM Office of Institutional Research produces annual reports using systemwide data.  Some of these reports are available on the web. To access these reports, click below.

Annual USM Reports

USM provides easy access to some national data on public 4-year institutions.  These data are primarily used for peer analysis. The data include faculty award, degrees, enrollments, institutions, expenditures, revenues, graduation rates, faculty salaries, faculty numbers, tuition & fees.

National Data

Additional national data are available from the National Center for Educational Statistics.

For additional USM data, suggestions, or comments on our website, please contact Chad Muntz

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