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Books (Available for use by all USM institutions)
In addition to the information available online and the paid databases, USM research office subscribes to the following hard copy resources:

Book References

Listed below are websites used by the Research Department, which can also be useful to those individuals wishing to do some quick look-ups on their own.

a. General Websites

b. Search Engines

c. Directory Assistance / Switchboard

Individuals and Biographical:
Information on individuals can be collected by looking at their contact information, professional sites, newspapers, company websites, and wealth - salary, stock holdings, and real estate.

a. Biographical / Family Information

b. Professional Websites

The links below should provide some information on different professions that are mentioned on their website, such as salary surveys, title /position descriptions, etc.

c. Jobs/Salaries

d. Real Property

e. Stock Information

f. Political Contributions


a. Foundations/Nonprofit/Philanthropy Resources

b. Corporations and Other Organizations

c. Government Links

d. Newspapers/Publications

Marylandia Biographical Sites, Facts, and Rankings

a. Helpful Websites for State of Maryland Searches


a. Search engine tips

Check your engine on a regular basis.
Establish a few diagnostic tests that you'll run on that engine.

b. Information Literacy Weblog

c. Fundraising tips

d. Links to Other Research Websites