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USM’s Logo and Style Guide

The USM logo is a critical marketing and branding tool for the system. It serves as the basis for USM’s graphic identity and helps to visually communicate what USM is and what its strategic priorities are.

The USM logo is available in two different orientations (horizontal and stacked) and in a variety of file formats. All of these files can be downloaded here.

There are strict style guidelines governing the use of the USM logo. These guidelines are spelled out in the USM Logo Style Guide. Any deviations from the parameters set forth in the style guide must be approved by the USM Office of Communications.

Additional information about the USM logo can be found here.

If you have questions about the USM logo or style guide, please contact Jennifer Rose.

Logo Usage Guidelines

These guidelines detail proper use of the University System of Maryland (USM) logo, as approved by USM leadership.

Everyone who communicates on behalf of USM and/or uses the logo shall be aware of and adhere to these guidelines. The purpose of the guidelines is to maintain a consistent visual appearance throughout all USM materials and to ensure the logo's integrity.

Please follow them carefully.


USM Logo Icon and Wordmark Distinctions


USM Logo Colors

Logo Versions

USM Full Color Logo

Full Color

USM One Color Logo

One Color

USM Gray Scale Logo

Gray Scale

USM Reverse Logo


Clear Zone

USM Logo - Clear Zone 1


The minimum clear zone on all sides of the logo is equal to the height of the bottom black diamond shape in the shield.

USM Logo - Clear Zone 2


The primary font is Adobe Garamond. The logo uses Adobe Garamond bold and bold italic.

USM Logo Font Style


Minimum size 1.5" wide or 108 pixels wide

USM Logo Smallest


USM Primary Logo - Horizontal

File Type
Full Color


High-Resolution (EPS) Format Download Download Download
Lower-Resolution (PNG) Format Download Download Download

** For more detail on which file type should be used in different contexts, see the chart below.

Common Logo File Configurations: File Types, Sizes, and Color Modes

Unit of Measurement N/A
EPS is a scalable vector graphic
Pixels Inches Pixels Inches
Resolution N/A 72 ppi
300 ppi
72 ppi
300 ppi
Color Modes CMYK
(professional print)
(web and MS Office)
(Black Only)
(White Only)
(Professional Print)
Usage Professional design programs (e.g., InDesign), MS Office
(can scale with no loss of clarity)
(when logo is being used on a white background)
MS Office (when high-res is not required)
Desktop publishing, MS Office
(when high-res is required)
(when logo is being used on a white background)
MS Office (when high-res is not required)
Desktop publishing, MS Office
(when high-res is required)

Download EPS Files

Download JPG Files

Download PNG Files

Download Full USM Logo Style Guide

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