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Councils & Workgroups

Shared Governance

The University System of Maryland practices shared governance. The chancellor and other system administrators consult regularly with the legislatively-mandated, system-wide representative bodies. These groups are the:

Council of University System Presidents
An advisory group to the USM chancellor, the Council of University System Presidents comprises the presidents of USM's 12 institutions.

Council of University System Faculty
CUSF the official body of faculty from the USM to advise the System and the Regents on University Matters.

Council of University System Staff
The USM Council of University System Staff (CUSS) provides non-faculty employees of the University System of Maryland with a voice in the governance of the system.

University System of Maryland Student Council
The USMSC provides a vehicle to ensure that the System leadership is aware of student perspectives and responsive to student concerns and issues

In addition, these systemwide groups work to advance USM:
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