CUSF Standing Committees


Executive Committee ~ Chair: Heather Haverback (

This committee is charged with the overall management of the Council of University System Faculty (CUSF). Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing the CUSF meeting agendas, confirming representatives’/alternates’ participation on committees, charging committees with appropriate tasks, outreach, and addressing faculty concerns to/with the Chancellor and other USM Office staff, Regents, Legislators, and/or other interested parties. Executive Committee members include: Chair, Vice-Chair, Past Chair, Secretary, and Two Members-At-Large. They are charged with acting as and for the Council when it is not in session.


Education Policy Committee ~ Chair: Mary Crowley-Farrell (

This committee reviews faculty concerns related to learning and student outcomes. Current topics include policy examination and proposals relating to academic integrity and the investigation of current institutional efforts on Interprofessional Education, digital badging, certificates, and shared resources.


Board of Regents Faculty Awards Committee ~ Chair: Benjamin Arah (

Members of this committee are charged with reviewing nominations and making recommendations of potential award recipients to the Board of Regents for approval. The chair of the committee shall be appointed by the CUSF chair in May, and the RFAC Chair will assemble the RFAC membership early in the fall semester. The awards committee’s work extends from appointment in September or October through December. This committee is bound by restrictions regarding institutional representation and number of members and usually includes at least one award winner from the previous cycle.


Faculty Concerns Committee ~ Chair: Doris Santamaria-Makang (

This committee deals with all matters related to faculty that are not academic in nature but do bear a relationship to the success of faculty and or student performance. Current topics under review are faculty concerns regarding technology, COVID-19, and structural racism.


Rules and Membership Committee ~ Chair: Jay Zimmerman (

This committee oversees all matters related to the constitution, by-laws, and rules of operation for CUSF. This includes the running of all elections. The committee is also responsible for the maintenance of membership apportionment.


Legislative Affairs & Policy Committee ~ Chair: Holly Brewer (

This committee will monitor the Maryland Legislative Session to identify USM-related bills, inform the Council of relevant legislative issues/concerns, and propose responses to issues/concerns when appropriate. A primary focus of this committee will be preparing for and implementing Advocacy Day each February in Annapolis (likely in partnership with Council of University System Staff and the University System of Maryland Student Council).


Research Committee ~ Chairs: Tom Abrams ( and Miroslaw Janowski (

This committee focuses on research as an economic engine and a means of attracting the best students to the University System of Maryland (USM). It identifies barriers and proposes systemic solutions for the entire research enterprise. It is composed of task forces that also include experts from outside CUSF. Integrating research across campuses in terms of policy, resources and manpower is one of its priorities.